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Working with music groups on Zoom


https://youtu.be/IrOsHrldR5U Bridget called in from Scotland where she is the Director of the Merlin Academy of Traditional Music. We discussed some potential ideas for working with groups online. www.merlinmusicacademy.com

Working with music groups on Zoom2020-04-06T15:11:53-04:00

Teaching Music Online with Zoom


Right now there are a lot of lessons being moved online because of the corona virus. It can be daunting to teach via video if you are not used to it but it can also be very effective.I have been teaching online for the past ten years and I have put together this list of tips and best practices to help you make the most out of online music teaching. Sound Quality Before we get into the useful nitty gritty, I want to share with you the most powerful workaround for the biggest problem with online music teaching; sound [...]

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I grew up in Australia. Like other countries the high schools would have a school motto. Some were bold, some were brave, and some were downright aggressive! My school had the stupidest motto of all. Or so I thought. Every Monday morning the students would assemble in the main courtyard and essentially get an update for the week. We sat for 30 minutes in an uncomfortable cross-legged position (we used to stand but one kid passed out and cracked a tooth). With little to do but sit and listen to the drone of our school principal I would often focus on [...]


Dealing with Competition Online


Many aspects of online teaching are counter intuitive. One that I personally grapple with is the idea of competition. If someone is teaching your topic online, they are in competition with you. Right? Well, it is not as simple as that and in the long run, these fellow teachers will likely be benefiting your business more than anything else. Competitors are validation that there is an active audience for you to serve. Furthermore, they are actively involved in nurturing and growing your audience. Online education has enjoyed a surge of popularity since the early 2000’s, and it is all to do [...]

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Focus and Productivity


Paso por paso. Step by step. This is what I always say to others when it comes to learning music, but I often forget to say it to myself. Creating an online business and teaching curriculum can be overwhelming. It is easy to get scattered with your work time and even after a full day of work, it can feel like you have accomplished nothing. It takes time to build something of value but with the added demands of an adult life (as opposed to a student life), we now have to use focus to become productive. Switch Off to Switch [...]

Focus and Productivity2019-08-05T10:25:11-04:00
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