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What should I learn first in music theory?


When starting your journey in music, the first elements you should focus on learning include: Musical Notes and Pitch: Understand the basics of musical notes, which are the building blocks of music. Learn the names of the notes, their positions on a staff, and how they relate to the pitches on your instrument. Rhythm and Timing: Get a grip on rhythm, which is essential for playing music effectively. This includes understanding beat, tempo, and meter. Practice clapping or tapping along to a metronome to develop your sense of timing. Scales and Key Signatures: Start with major and minor scales as they [...]

What should I learn first in music theory?2024-05-12T23:54:47-04:00

How to leverage your online music lessons


The traditional model to teach music lessons involves an exchange of time for money. You teach a music lesson for one hour and you get compensated with a lesson fee. The problem with this approach is that it cannot scale. There is only one of you and only twenty-four hours in a day. In addition to the limitation of your time and energy you will find that the lessons you teach to your music students are quite repetitive. Of course every student will be slightly unique in their needs and learning style but the bulk of information conveyed in [...]

How to leverage your online music lessons2022-12-04T19:34:50-04:00

Busy vs Productive : How to avoid burnout


Do you find yourself saying you are "busy" a lot? If so, take a moment to consider if busy really means overwhelmed. Busy is a feeling, and although it can sound good to say that we are busy it doesn't always mean we are getting things done. Being productive rather than busy is the real goal and it doesn't have to be overwhelming. Busy leads to burnout and it's a real problem these days. For the sake of your mental health, physical wellbeing, and the success of your business, you should deal with it before it gets the best of you. [...]

Busy vs Productive : How to avoid burnout2021-02-22T23:56:54-04:00

How to build your audience through relationships


If there is one piece of advice I give over and over again to aspire online business owners it is to build relationships. It is the best way to grow an audience and develop lifelong fans. In this podcast we look at a framework in which we can build meaningful connections with people that will support your online music teaching business.

How to build your audience through relationships2020-09-23T13:09:06-04:00

Live Q&A with music teachers


On April 13th we had a live session with teachers from around the world. We covered topics including software and hardware, ensemble techniques and workarounds, copyright issues, moving to online courses and marketing your own teaching. If you have questions please feel free to write them in the comments below.

Live Q&A with music teachers2020-04-16T12:48:11-04:00
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