Don’t try and please everyone


If you try and please everyone, you will end up pleasing no-one. The internet is getting better and better at curating material for you. This is purely because of advertising. If you create something with a broad appeal, something that could apply to a large audience, you will make little to no impact. In the late 20th Century you might have received some attention with a broad message, but as we now have an inconceivably large amount of content competing for attention only the most focused of topics and initiatives will pierce through the roaring wall of noise between you and [...]

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Fear of teaching music online


There are several key reasons why you might not take the leap into online teaching. Fear is a big one. In this chapter I will show you why your fears are misguided and mistakes are useful. Lions, Tigers, Bears. Oh My! Dating girls was always a daunting prospect for me when I was younger. Well, let me be more specific. I was petrified of asking girls out. Rejection, embarrassment, humiliation… the usual fare. It wasn’t until I was in my late twenties and living in New York when I had a bit of an awakening. I was out with a group [...]

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Make Money Teaching Music Online


Making money as a musician is difficult. And, after several years of teaching, gigging, and the occasional concert, it can become demoralizing to think that your financial situation will always be so limited. I want to share with you a solution to this problem. It is a way to make money from teaching online, and unlike one to one lessons, you can maintain the schedule you want and grow your online audience to thousands. This solution is not for everyone, and it may not be for you either. 3 Important Questions Before We Start Do you already have experience teaching your [...]

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Why Musicians Have An Advantage Teaching Online


The Musician's Advantage Online There are many aspiring online teachers out there who face a large hurdle from the very outset of their project. The first hurdle is not knowing what they are going to teach. Perhaps they have some specific skills, or a general knowledge in a few areas but rarely have they mastered a skill to a level where it becomes an obvious choice. This is the musician's first advantage. We have mastered a skill and (hopefully) by this point we have had experience teaching this skill to others. We are already off to a good start. The second hurdle, and [...]

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Leverage your teaching and help thousands of music students


Leverage your teaching and help thousands of students rather than just a handful. The traditional model of teaching music, in a private studio setting, is to exchange time for money. A 30 minute lesson costs Z and a one hour lessons costs X. This is a simple proposition and it makes sense on several levels. The student gets personal attention, it is easy to keep track of time and also predict a weekly or monthly income. The problem with this model is that it is wasteful. How many times do you find yourself explaining the same fundamental concept to students? Posture, [...]

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