There are many attractive features to online teaching but there might be a few more gems that you don’t know yet.

Your Audience Is Interested In You, Not Just Your Teaching

Once you have built an audience you have a group of people that trust you and that have given you their attention. This is a privileged position. From this place you have the ability to serve your audience in a multitude of ways not just through education.

It never ceases to amaze me when I see every artist lining up to go through the same door. Musicians want to be soloists, painters want to be on the walls of the MOMA, writers want to get a book deal.

These are attractive desires, ones that are bolstered by well meaning parents and the bottom line of educational institutions. But, if you look at it with any speck of objectivity, it is a fool’s errand.

There are many doors to walk through in this world, so why try and cram through the same one as everyone else?

By building an online audience that you serve through education, you are building an audience that is interested in other things that you do. Your creations, your performances, your ideas. They will all be eagerly anticipated by your true fans, and that door will be wide open and under trafficked by others once you have built it.


Without a doubt one of the most enjoyable aspects of running my online schools has been meeting people in “real life” and making new friendships. Meeting someone face to face underscores the reality of your online impact. It can become a little abstract while looking at email addresses and numbers, but when you sit down with someone whom you have helped, it is a powerful reminder of what online education can do.

Leading a Community & Making An Impact

In a world that is increasingly dominated by large corporations, you can make a meaningful and positive impact on people’s lives through online teaching. Whether you realize it or not, running an online teaching site puts you in the position of a leader. In this leadership role, you can create a vision for others to achieve and guide them, inspire them, to make changes in their life.

Once you have set down this path, other opportunities will arise. You can branch out, expand, create a team, and ultimately help more people around the world.

Expanding Horizons

Right now you might only be envisioning a small and singular venture, but when you experience success, you will start thinking about how many opportunities there are for you to branch out.

What if you build a team? Have employees? Teach others to lead their own tribes?

Your initial point of focus is necessarily small. Over time as you reach more people you, will begin to understand your power to impact others’ lives and new opportunities will become clear.

What is your vision?