Leverage your teaching and help thousands of students rather than just a handful.

The traditional model of teaching music, in a private studio setting, is to exchange time for money. A 30 minute lesson costs Z and a one hour lessons costs X.

This is a simple proposition and it makes sense on several levels. The student gets personal attention, it is easy to keep track of time and also predict a weekly or monthly income. The problem with this model is that it is wasteful.

How many times do you find yourself explaining the same fundamental concept to students? Posture, hand position, phrasing, articulation… there are plenty of examples where you could easily record the information and save yourself the repetition involved in this type of teaching.

Furthermore, on the student’s part, they may not be ready to absorb this information. So, even if you have delivered the right teaching at the right time if the student is not receptive or ready right there and then, it will be wasted.

For these two reasons I encourage you to leverage your teaching by teaching music online.

What is leverage?

The idea of leverage for our online teaching purposes is to create a lesson that contains specific information, and use that lesson to teach multiple students at the same time (and continually over time) in place of repeating the same information to each individual. The most obvious example of this is a method book, or a text book. These house carefully curated lessons and texts that impact students all over the globe and also over vast swaths of time. With the advent of accessible multimedia technology we now have the ability to make what are essentially super charged text books in the form of online courses. Text, audio, video, multimedia, and progressive lessons combine to make a powerful teaching tool. Add to this the ability to interact through forums, group chats, and webinars and you have a modern form of teaching that leverages your skills and teaching.


This article is leveraged. I am writing it now, and several thousand people will read it over time.

Leverage Everything and Create An Online Music Teaching Business

The idea of leverage should be quite clear to you know. What might not be so clear is the immense possibility that this idea has when applied to other facets of teaching online.

  • Email autoresponders
  • Drip content lessons
  • Interactive communities of students
  • Digital downloads
  • Courses
  • Membership tites
  • Group video calls for teaching
  • Recurring payments
  • One off payments
  • Marketing

The list goes on and on. Once you start to leverage your materials online you can scale your work to reach larger and larger audiences. With a large audience, you have growing opportunities to serve your audience and also share your music.


Do you have any ideas of how you could leverage your work online? Share your ideas below in the comments: