How to build your audience through relationships


If there is one piece of advice I give over and over again to aspire online business owners it is to build relationships. It is the best way to grow an audience and develop lifelong fans. In this podcast we look at a framework in which we can build meaningful connections with people that will support your online music teaching business.

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How much work does it take to teach music online?


What does it really take to successfully teach music online and run a business? The key is to build something that you are passionate about because the workload will be heavy.

How much work does it take to teach music online?2019-08-11T12:30:32-04:00

Build, Understand, and Serve your Online Audience


In order to run a successful online teaching business you must build, understand, and serve an audience. That audience will become your tribe and the more you can help your tribe the more successful your business will become.

Build, Understand, and Serve your Online Audience2019-08-11T12:29:59-04:00

My Story


Life in music is a bit unbalanced. When you are young, your passion and efforts are applauded. There is unbridled hope for what the future might bring and it seems like all of your teachers, classes, and schools know there is something exciting in store for you. As dedicated students we spend hours upon hours honing our skills and diving deep into our study all the while being unaware that our student days might in fact be our best. Once we graduate and head out from the sheltered student enclave we are faced with a stark reality. We are one of [...]

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