Teaching Music Online with Zoom


Right now there are a lot of lessons being moved online because of the corona virus. It can be daunting to teach via video if you are not used to it but it can also be very effective.I have been teaching online for the past ten years and I have put together this list of tips and best practices to help you make the most out of online music teaching. Sound Quality Before we get into the useful nitty gritty, I want to share with you the most powerful workaround for the biggest problem with online music teaching; sound [...]

Teaching Music Online with Zoom2022-11-20T18:35:08-04:00

Relationships, Trust, and Attention


The internet has given us the world at our fingertips, but if you want to do anything meaningful you need to focus on relationships. There are more ways than ever to reach out to people, but it seems like the easier it is to do, the less meaningful it is. Twitter, Facebook, blogs… they are great for broadcasting, but if you want to start building a relationship, you have to start listening. Perhaps the biggest mistake made in social media is to broadcast without listening. Sure, you want to spread your message to the largest amount of people but responding to [...]

Relationships, Trust, and Attention2022-11-20T18:34:40-04:00
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