To put it bluntly, it is almost impossible to make a full-time income from performing music. Obviously, there are exceptions to this, however, we just need to face the truth and acknowledge that’s there needs to be another source of income so that we can continue to make music.

I, like you, have had numerous jobs over the years. Toys store, bartender, janitor, designer, photographer, the list goes on…

The amazing change that happened in my life was when I started to understand how to teach music online. It not only is incredibly gratifying as a musician and educator, it also provides me with a full-time income and leaves me with enough time to still make music.

So whether you want to teach music online to supplement your income, or to be the sole source of your income, here am I undeniable reasons to teach music online.


#1 Leverage for you

when we teach a one to one lesson we are giving out time for money. This time will never come back and that money will only change hands once. Online teaching allows us to leverage our information and time so that we can bring in more money from the same teaching with little to no work after the first building period.

If you are an experienced teacher you will know that you end up seeing the same information again, and again, and again. There really is no reason why this information could not be consolidated into an online format and delivered at a cheaper cost to the student.

#2 Leverage for them

When you teach one-on-one, or for that matter a group lesson, you are still limiting yourself to that number of people. Your information is good, your teaching is helping people, but the standard practice of teaching lessons limits that teaching to a small group of people.

When you teach music online you have unlimited students that could benefit from your information and in turn create an income for you and your family.

#3 Travel

Depending on where you live there might be a substantial amount of travel on the part of either you or your students to have a lesson. This travel costs money and takes time, time that could be devoted to teaching or learning.

Learning how to teach online, you will find that everybody wins by saving time and resources.

#4 The penny drops more than once

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons for online education is that the student has time to absorb the information. You may pass on the most amazing nugget of information. Describe or instruct like a poet. But if the student isn’t ready to absorb that information, it is lost.

The fact that a student can revisit the information presented to them at their leisure means that they are getting the best chance of understanding musical concepts. It also means that they can access that information when they are in a receptive time and state of mind.

#5 Access

Not everybody lives near somebody

For the student or the teacher who lives in a more remote location online teaching is truly a gift of the 21st century. Before technology made it so readily available we were all made to accept the students or teachers that were available to us. The only way to get around that was substantial travel and a generous portion of money to get there.

Online education and teaching music online means that students and teachers get better access to a higher quality of education.

#6 In space nobody can hear you scream.

I live in a very urban environment and space is hard to come by. If I want to teach out of my apartment my partner has to leave or be sequestered to the bedroom. It is not an optimal situation. However, teaching online means that my workstation can take up a very small portion of my very small apartment and the students still receives a first-class lesson. It simply offers a good solution to those without a dedicated teaching studio.

#7 This one is for you

I have another point to make, in fact I have many more points to make, but I want to hear from you.

Tell me what you think the benefits are of teaching music online.